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AIM Adoptions is an experienced and trusted Christian resource whose mission is to help all women facing an unplanned pregnancy with support, love and compassion as they undertake the journey of choosing life and a loving family for their child.

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If you are looking for a Texas or Houston adoption agency and need help now you can call us 24 hours/day 1-800-776-6508 or call 281- 821-6508 or email us at info@aimadoptions.org


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We are available 24 hours a day to help you make the right decision for you and for your baby.

(281) 821-6508 or (281) 331-2000
or 1-800-776-6508

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AIM Adoptions seeks to find loving, stable Christian homes for children. Let us help you learn more about growing your family through the services provided by AIM adoptions. A trusted adoption agency in Texas for 34 years.

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We love sharing information about the agency and staff and upcoming events. We do two newsletters a year. Our Holiday Newsletter is up for your viewing!

Our staff is made up of many that have been touched by adoption. It makes us unique in many ways. Check out our pictures and bios so you know who you are talking to. But we really hope to meet you in person!

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